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Plotting Great Book Series (featuring Gillian Bronte Adams)

Mollie E. Reeder | January 24, 2018

It’s hard enough just to write a good story. But with book series at the pinnacle of popularity, both for readers and writers, the challenge is greater — telling a good story across multiple books.

How can discovery writers “plot” future books when they embark on book one? What if book one is already written and published when you start plotting book two? Is it possible to “backwards-brainstorm” a series arc?

Gillian Adams, speculative fiction writer and author of The Songkeeper Chronicles, discusses these topics and more, sharing her insight and process on plotting a great series!

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Powerful Short Fiction (featuring Ben Wolf)

Mollie E. Reeder | December 6, 2017

What if you could write a story with memorable characters, a worthwhile journey and impactful prose? The kind of story with sticking power, one leaves people talking about it afterwards and eager to share it with their friends? And what if you could do it in just a few thousand words?

… What if you could do it in just a few hundred words?

Ben Wolf, author/editor and founder of flash fiction magazine imprint Splickety, joins us on Writeratops to share his insight on powerful short fiction and how to write a story that’s small, but mighty!

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Plotting for Pantsers: 2 Questions to Unlock Your Story

Mollie E. Reeder | June 21, 2017

As a novice writer I had many false starts. My stories always seeded as characters. Great characters! Characters with tragic backstories, with interesting tics and colorful personalities.

So a man walks into a bar and…

Then what?

My mistake was this: I may have had a great character, but I didn’t have a story. (Yet.)

Even for the most ardent pantser, here are 2 plotting questions to fuel story, unstick you when you’re stuck, and turn false starts into finishes.

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