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Story Theme: The Conflict (Theme #3)

Mollie E. Reeder | July 6, 2017

Okay, so you’ve found your story’s theme. But isn’t that just a bunch of feely mumbo-jumbo? It’s not going to help you put scenes on paper, is it?

…IS. IT?

(spoiler alert: it is)

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Bad Guys Gone Good

Mollie E. Reeder | December 31, 2016

“Bad Guy” shouldn’t be synonymous with “bad character” – unfortunately, it sometimes is! Your villain is how we measure the mettle of your hero – which means your villain better make an impression. Here are four ways to make sure your villains are people, not plot devices.

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Conflict, Stakes, Clock

Mollie E. Reeder | October 26, 2016

Tension sprung a leak? Characters ground to a painful halt? Plot crumpling under pressure?

If it feels like your story’s battery sputtered and died, never fear! You have a terrific toolbox right at your fingertips: three critical components no author should ever leave home without.

Find out how to get your story’s motor revving again after the break!

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